Patara Köyü & Plajı

“Patara, Patara”, the taxi and Dolmus drivers shout.

Patara is a quaint Turkish village filled with an eclectic mix of traditional pensions and restaurants offering affordable accommodation for those seeking a truly “get away from it all” holiday.

Having a certain quirkiness, the village oozes rustic charm with most of the restaurants run by local families serving authentic Turkish cuisine, providing a fusion of spices that fills the air with pungent aromatic aromas.

Patara has not been subjected to mass tourism, which makes it the perfect place to unwind, de-stress and after having a warm friendly welcome awaiting you to tend to your every need you will leave feeling relaxed and revitalised

As you enter the village the rich vibrancy of the lush flora and fauna awakens your senses, the local farmers producing sweet tomatoes, peppers, succulent cucumbers and aubergines grown in the rows of covered greenhouses next to olive and lemon groves.

Travelling further into the village you are greeted by the magnificent national park; the ancient but intact triple gateway provides a monumental entrance. The ancient ruins of Xanthos, steeped in history, provide home for the rich wildlife and wading birds; friendly goats wander freely amongst the fields whilst every summer a team of archaeologists excavate and renovate the vast ruins. Although many of the ruins are still undiscovered, the ancient parliament buildings with the semi-circle rows of stone seating can be clearly seen, and more recently the remains of what is thought might be the oldest lighthouse in the world have been found.

The national park is best explored in the morning before the blistering heat of the afternoon sun. You can meander and take in the breath-taking views before heading down the cobbled road to the 12km of golden sandy beach where fruit sellers sit selling cactus fruit, a local delicacy.

The beach is a famous breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead turtles and is the ideal place for the turtles to lay their eggs in peace.

There is plenty of space to unwind, people watch or just take in the peaceful atmosphere: it is the ideal place to soak up the sun, situated amidst the back-drop of the surrounding rugged mountains.

A refreshing light breeze blowing across the dunes enables you to walk along the shallow water’s edge feeling the soft sand sifting through your toes, the cool opulent waters of the Mediterranean are a real jewel in the Ottoman crown.

The beach has plenty of sun loungers, umbrellas and a large café serving snacks, drinks, ice cream and the traditional Turkish Gozleme (pancakes) - these are made freshly by the local woman with a variety of fillings.

There are showers and toilet facilities which enable you to make a full day of indulging yourself on this beautiful piece of the Turkish Riviera.


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