Term and Conditions




This contract; The start and end dates between "VILLA / APARTMENT" tenant (hereinafter referred to as "CUSTOMER") and "VILLA / APARTMENT" renter (hereinafter referred to as "KEP") will be "VILLA / APARTMENT "was made with the purpose of renting. Customers who have made reservation via "http://www.escapadeholidays.com" on our website "from our villas / apartments / apartments" via our website or via telephone or e-mail are considered to have accepted the following conditions in advance. Any breach of any of the following conditions gives the "KEP" the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally, to ask the customer to leave the villa / apartment / apartment, to withdraw the deposit, to refund the deposit, and to claim all of the unpaid rent.



You must be at least 21 years old to make a booking with us. Please note that single sex parties or groups of young adults (under 21) may only be accepted at selected accommodation. Email confirmation of your booking will be sent to you once the reservation deposit has been received and a confirmation email will also follow once full payment has been taken. The contract is subject to these booking terms and conditions, all booking conditions will apply to each and every booking made with the Company. Once the contract is made, it is the accommodation providers’ responsibility to provide you with what you have booked and it is your responsibility to pay for the accommodation in full before you travel.
All relevant documentation will be sent to you via email, it is important to check carefully all the details of your booking once you receive it. The Company will not be responsible for any information you do not receive as a result of your failure to provide a valid email address.
A non-refundable deposit of 15% of the accommodation rental is payable when you book your holiday, the balance is due 8 weeks before departure (in some cases, a larger deposit is required, in which case  we will notify you at the time of booking). Some of our hotels may require payment sooner than 8 weeks in advance. The balance due date is shown on your confirmation so please make a note of it as no reminders will be sent. If you book less than 8 weeks before your arrival date, the full balance will be due immediately. KEP reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain any deposit paid should the balance payment not be received as cleared funds by the due date.

Pre-bookings via our reservation form on our internet page or via SMS or telephone or e-mail. You can specify your dates for renting the villas / apartments you would like to rent, and pre-renting is done by taking the necessary transportation and billing information from you. KEP After the pre-rental, 15% of the total price to be paid for the villa / apart is paid as a deposit payment. If you pay within 2 (two) business days after the pre-rental, the villa / apartment will be reserved. You will be notified of the amount of your withdrawal and bank account numbers, by e-mail or by SMS or by telephone. Within 1 (one) working day of the deposit, the payment can be made via Money Order, EFT. Upon receipt of the courier, rent confirmation of the Villa / Apartment will be sent in writing within 1 working day at the latest. The total amount of the rent is reported on the day of departure, the date of departure and the date of the closing of the villa / apartment on which the villa / apartment was rented and deposited. In the event that the landlord is not admitted, KEP will be able to use the right to cancel the pre-booking and receive further reservations from the villa / apartment without giving the customer the information. The remaining fee of the Villa / Apartment / Apartment must be paid to the Villa / Apartment Owner after 8 weeks of payment, 8 weeks prior to the date of entry into the Villa / Apartment. Again due to the fact that KEP is being delivered as a leased customer, it is not possible to find any items such as broken, broken, damaged, lost, Although this deposit will be paid by bank transfer during the payment of 8 weeks to Villa / Apart / Apartment owner. In the event that the damage deposit is not damaged or missing after the customer’s check-in / check-out at the exit of the customer, the customer will be refunded within 10 days at the latest.


Access to the rental properties is available from 3pm or 4pm on the first day of rental (depending on the property) and we will ask you to vacate the property by 11am at the latest on the agreed departure date, to enable cleaning and preparations for the next guests. Please bear these times in mind when booking your flights. Some flexibility with these times may be possible, subject to availability and in some cases, at additional cost, however, this would be at the discretion of the owner or agent and must be by prior arrangement.

If early departure is required, the KEP must be informed 24 hours in advance. If the customer leaves the villa / apartment at his / her own discretion, no refunds will be made for the accommodation fee. If the customer leaves the villas / apartments without the control of the villa / apartment without damage check, the damage deposit will be sent by the villa / apartment owner to the bank account that the customer will notify after the necessary checks within 10 days and the shipping costs will be paid from the damage deposit.



We do not accept guests over the capacity stated on our website or on the number of people specified when making a reservation. (Children and infants are included.) If the customer wishes to make a change in the number of people after the reservation is finalized, the application will be made in writing to the KEP and the change can be approved if KEP considers it appropriate for the capacity of the villa / apartment. KEP will be able to charge an additional fee to the customer. After entering the villas / apartments /, the villas / apartments guest are not accepted except for the guests mentioned on the booking list. In cases where an accident is detected, KEP reserves the right to request guests to leave the villa / apartment, to cancel the reservation completely or to request the villa / apartment to be completely evacuated without waiting for the end of the rental period. In the course of renting the villas / apartments, transactions are being carried out in line with the customer’s declaration, and all responsibilities arising on this issue shall be accepted, provided that the information given by the customer is correct and complete


The lead guest is the person or agency that holds the booking, to whom all correspondence and invoices are addressed and who is responsible for the rental. Spouse’s names are not considered interchangeable. Where a booking is made by telephone, email or fax, the booking is subject to, and the guest must accept these Internet terms and conditions and any made by our suppliers. Where two or more people are included in the same booking, the person making the booking shall be deemed to do so, on the basis that he/she acts as an agent for all members of the party and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of each member of the party.

Security/damage deposits, en-route hotels, short and long sea crossings, flights, car hire, transfers, car parking and holiday insurance are not included in the price although some of these items can be arranged at extra cost.



Daily, weekly, monthly villa / apartment rental rates include cleaning of 1 (one) weekly cleaning and towel / linen change per week. These cleanings are included in the prices. Apart from that, all kinds of cleaning and towel / linen etc. will be charged extra. The pool and the gardens are maintained every other early morning, and if the villa / apartment experience any technical problems during the rental period, this problem will be fixed by the operator providing this service to the villa / apartment. The staff in charge of the periodic maintenance of all villas / apartments, pool, garden and other fixtures must be in or out of the villa / apartment. In order for these services to be carried out without delay, the customer must allow staff members to enter the villas / apartments if deemed necessary. Otherwise, electricity, water, gas, pool lighting, internet connection and air conditioning are included in the prices unless stated on the villa / apartment detail page on our website. Pool lighting, air conditioning and internet may not be available as standard in our villas / apartments, so we recommend you to read the properties of the villa / apartment you rented carefully from our villa / apartment properties page.



Unless otherwise stated, pets are definitely not accepted in our villas / apartments. All of our villas / apartments are non-smoking in closed areas.



The villa / apartment rental prices stated on our web page are daily, weekly, monthly. Deposits can be made by bank transfer, money order, EFT, credit card payment system


Cancellations can be made by post and signed by the lead name on the booking or by email received from the lead name on the booking via the email address registered on the booking. Cancellations will become effective from the delivery date of the cancellation letter or email. All cancellations are subject to a charge payable by the customer as detailed below; charges for cancelled bookings will be confirmed to you by invoice within two weeks of cancellation. Please note: these charges also apply, if you have failed to make payment on time and we cancel your booking as a result. In addition, your booking will be treated as cancelled and the same charges will apply if you decide to change your accommodation from one property to another.

Cancellation notice given:

Cancellation charge applied:

More than 60 days

Deposit only

59 – 33 days


32 days or less



Charges above represent a percentage of the total accommodation booking value. No refunds can be given for stays that are ended earlier than planned. No party may challenge the validity of a signed fax/emailed copy of the booking conditions on the basis of a lack of original signature.




You have the right to make changes on the dates you make reservations, but there are a number of conditions.

The change is only valid for the same villa and the booking change fee is 200 TL. The change of your booking date even a day means that all forms sent to you and the host are changed and resubmitted. The price difference arising from the seasonal change is recalculated and the prepayment fee to the host and the change of the billed bills. This fee is demanded because it brings us a serious workload.

Your reservation date is a separate criterion for how long you intend to change your entry date. You can not make a change of date if your entry date is less than 45 days. For this reason, there is very little possibility of renting another guesthouse if the period reserved for you is less than 45 days.



A damage deposit will be charged to the customer depending on the nature of each villa / apartment. The amount of this deposit will be stated in the confirmation letter sent to the customer during the booking process. The damage deposit will be collected together with the total payment 8 weeks before the entrance to the villas / apartments and the damage deposit will be charged to the villa / apartment which is delivered firmly before the customer leaves the villa / apartment / Etc. Will be returned to the bank account indicated by the guest within 10 days. If the damage in the villas / apartment exceeds the deposit amount received, the customer will be asked to pay the damage otherwise legal ways will be applied.



Swimming pools for our villas / apartments; Weather, and seasonal temperature, the KEP can not be held responsible for the pool not being able to be use the pool due to the pool being cold, and therefore unable to use the pool. The customer who rents the villas / apartments will learn the weather on the date the villas are rented; They can call the General Directorate of State Meteorology website or the State Meteorology General Directorate for information.



KEP; is responsible of the villa / apartment to be delivered to the customer in a clean and ready-to-use manner at the specified date and time. Upon entering the villas / apartments, the customer must be immediately notified of any defective, unworkable items or defects, and the defects should be remedied. KEP will notify this claim to the villa / apartment owner or the related company and will arrange for this fault to be resolved as soon as possible. KEP is not responsible for solving the problems it helps to solve the problems. KEP cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen disruptions. KEP is the intermediary between the villa / apartment owner and the customer and as such is responsible for the villa / apartment owner to remedy the problems that may occur in the villas / apartments. No accidents, illnesses, injuries, drowning in the pool, death, theft etc which may arise due to the responsibility customers in the villas / apartments KEP cannot be held responsible for events and accidents. Apart from this, it is also possible for the customers to travel to the villas / apartments, to return, during the holiday, to travel from third parties / firms, shopping, food, beverage, entertainment, transportation, KEP will not be responsible for any problems that may arise. The customer cannot claim any rights or refunds for a service that he / she has not received in the villas / apartments after leaving the villas / apartments for the duration of his / her stay in the villa / apartment.



No villa, or no apartment, no apartment belongs to KEP published on the website of KEP. The owners of each villa / apartment are different people, individuals, institutions, companies. KEP is the agent (the commissioner) for renting the persons, the individuals, the institutions, the companies, the villas / apartments /of the companies, so KEP only makes the brokerage. In other words, a certain intermediary (brokerage) profits are earned from the income paid by the client, and this amount is paid by the invoice. The other remaining profit will not be billed to the rest because the villa / apartment is the profit of the owner. The owner of the villa / apartment is liable to pay the tax at the end of the year under the name of their rent income statement. KEP is not responsible for invoicing only for its own profit, not for invoicing, profit, or profit for third parties, institutions, persons, companies.




It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • any specific passport, visa and health requirements are obtained.
  • all members of your party, including infants, have a valid passport.
  • each member of your party is covered by adequate travel insurance to cover all aspects of your holiday (including cover for cancellation, curtailment, evacuation, flight delays, loss and damage to baggage and other personal property as well as comprehensive health insurance including medical expenses and repatriation coverage). If you fail to take out adequate insurance cover, we will not be liable for any refunds or losses, howsoever arising, in respect of which insurance cover would otherwise have been available.
  • the balance of your holiday is paid by the due date on your confirmation invoice.
  • please be advised that in the event that you or any of your party are disruptive or behave in an unsociable manner we do reserve the right to terminate your holiday and will have no further liability or responsibility to you in respect of accommodation or transfer/car hire, nor will any refunds be made.
  • during the period of the holiday, you (personally and on behalf of all other people visiting the property) undertake (for the benefit of the property owner and the Company) as follows:
  • that the number of people occupying the property will not exceed the number stated on the holiday confirmation.
  • that the property will be used solely for the purpose of the holiday by you and your party.
  • to show due consideration for other parties (to include, but not limited to, refraining from abuses of the property and/or dangerous, offensive or rude behaviour to the property owner, his representative or any third parties such as neighbours).


Customers are obliged to use their villa / apartment, pool, garden furniture, villas / apartments themselves use them respectably all other electrical and electronic goods and other furnishings in good condition. Villa / Apartment must be delivered on the day of departure with all the garbage dumped and the dishes washed. Otherwise, and if the villa / apartment is dirty on reasonable measures, the KEP will charge a cleaning fee from the damage deposit.

In case of any damage to the apartment / apartment, the customer is obliged to inform the KEP. In the event of damage to the villas / apartments during the period during which the customers are staying, the deposit will be deducted if the damage deposit is taken and the customer will be asked to pay in cash in case of damage exceeding the damage deposit.

In addition, customers and associates should take care to comply with social and ethical rules, not to make noise in a way that disturbs the environment, to listen to music loudly, not to be prohibited or criminal in our country’s laws. For such reasons, if a complaint is received by the KEP about the customer and the associates, the KEP has the right to ask the customer to vacate the villa / apartment before expiration of the reservation period.

Our customers who will stay in the villas defined as conservative (villas that do not appear from the outside) specified on the webpage will not give 100 percent of the invisibility guarantees. With regard to invisibility, customers must provide their own privacy. In such problems, KEP does not accept responsibility. KEP cannot be held responsible for such problems.

The tenant (client) must read, understand and sign the "Villa / Apartment Tenancy Agreement" at the entrance of the Villa / apartment where KEP has organized, otherwise; All the money that Customer has paid before will not be returned and the villa / apartment / apartment accommodation will not be made (the rent will be canceled by the KEP unilaterally). KEP will issue the right to demand the entire price in the contract. You can also request a copy of the Villa / Apartment rental Agreement from our website or from the KEP officials.


The information and descriptions supplied regarding the rental property or hotel are believed to be accurate and offered in good faith, however, there may be occasions when an advertised facility is either modified or is not available. Such situations may be dictated by local circumstances, necessity for maintenance or repair (eg: swimming pools), unsuitable weather conditions, fuel shortages, power cuts or other circumstances beyond the Company’s control. If the Company is advised of any such issues, we will endeavour to inform you in advance, however the Company cannot be held liable in such circumstances.
The ‘Season’ in Kalkan runs from mid May to mid October. During this time building and construction work is prohibited in Kalkan. If you wish to make a booking outside of these dates, it is possible that construction projects may be going on in the area. The Company will endeavour to inform you of this and the Company will only take bookings at properties where there is no known building work going on in close proximity or any known building work expected to be completed by the holiday start date. The Company cannot be expected to know about all building projects in Kalkan and so bookings outside the ‘season’ cannot be guaranteed to be unaffected by construction works.



In cases involving force majeure, KEP and the client may mutually terminate this contract without any liability. The wars in the country, the natural disasters in the area to be accommodated, the epidemic diseases across the country will be evaluated as a coercive cause.



Customers will immediately report their complaints to KEP during the time they are staying in the villas / apartments. The situation of the complaint will be examined by KEP officials and necessary measures will be taken immediately. KEP will not be held liable for any complaints that are not reported during the stay, after the stay is over and after leaving the villas / apartments.



KEP will not share personal information to any company or third party except as defined in the Privilege Privacy Policy and User Agreement. KEP never sells the personal information of registered users and partners to third parties. Personal information such as name, surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address. KEP may use personal information to determine user profiles and statistical studies in its own domain and may only share it with third parties for the purpose of conducting such studies. KEP does not take the necessary precautions to prevent personal information from strictly private and confidential, to regard it as an obligation to keep confidentiality, to maintain confidentiality, to prevent the or unauthorized use of all or any part of the confidential information in the public domain, . Even if KEP takes the necessary information security measures, KEP will not have any responsibility if the confidential information is damaged or the third persons are handed over to the site "http://www.kalkanexclusiveproperties.com" and attacks on the system. You may link to other sites within the “http://www.escapadeholidays.com” site. “http://www.escapadeholidays.com” does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and content of the sites accessed through the link “http://www.escapadeholidays.com” uses and uses the IP addresses of the users when necessary. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic information.



1) In case of damaged roads to the Villa / Apartment, uphill, stabilization, wet floor etc., KEP cannot be held responsible in cases where it cannot be preceded by KEP.

2) Accidents etc. that may occur during transportation to the Villa / Apartment. In short, the KEP cannot be held responsible for any kind of negativity.

3) In the event that different materials used in the construction of some villas / apartments (cedar trees, pine trees, some plastic products, all kinds of plants in the garden or villa, etc.) disturb the customer from the health or psychological way, KEP cannot be held responsible for this.

4) If the villas / apartments require private cars for the guests to stay It is the customer’s responsibility to source that to Access the villas / apartments / apartments. KEP cannot be held responsible for sourcing the cars unless stated otherwise in the website.

5) The customer may provide taxi, transfer vehicle or rental vehicle from third parties. KEP is not responsible from third parties or involved in transfer or taxi service. It is the customer’s own responsibility.

6) KEP cannot be held responsible if the customer who has rented the villa / apartment is dissatisfied due to the geographical location of the villa or the apartment or the area where it was rented.

7) KEP has marked the location of the villa / apartment as approximate via Google Maps.

8) KEP cannot be held responsible for the damage to the private or rented vehicle during the stay at the villas / apartments.

9) Villa / Apartment is too uphill for the engine power of the vehicle (motor, car etc.) of the customer who has been rented, if the vehicle’s motor power is weak, Cars, engines etc. And any negativity that may arise due to the inability to reach the villas / apartments is the customer’s own responsibility. KEP cannot be held responsible for such or similar problems.

10) The "proximity chart" specified on the "http://www.escapadeholidays.com" detail page about Villa / Apartment is written approximately. The distances are not clearly specified. Minor mistakes can happen. The customer who rents the Villa / Apartment agrees to consider it.

11) The distances indicated on the "proximity chart" on the detail page "http://www.escapadeholidays.com" about the Villa / Apartment, the nearest restaurant, the nearest beach, the nearest settlement, the nearest beach, And the nearest airport. KEP will not accept responsibility if the specified restaurants or markets are closed.

12) KEP cannot be held responsible for all accidents such as drowning, falling, breaking of feet, breaking of arms etc. which will occur in the pool in the villas / apartments.

13) KEP shall not be held responsible for the interruption of telephone and internet due to telecommunication, electricity interruption caused by the Electric Company, fire, electrical leakages, and deaths resulted by accidents resulting from all accidents and events caused by the customer in Villa / Apartment.

14) The villas / apartments we have on our site aren’t the same as each other and they may not look as the same as they are seen on the site, they may look better on the site, they may look bigger on the site. KEP cannot be held responsible for such occurrences.

15) KEP cannot be held responsible for events such as canine attacks, insect bites or any kind of animal attacks.

The customer has accepted all the conditions we have mentioned above, KEP may use the right to terminate the contract alone and the right to demand a contractual price if the lease contract is breached by producing excuses


We reserve the right to amend, add or withdraw any of our booking terms and conditions at any time and without notice. 



Antalya Executive Offices and Courts are the competent authorities in any disputes that may arise regarding the subjects covered by this contract. Any customer reserving one of the vıllas / apartments has accepted all the above terms. Refusing these terms may result in cancellation of the reservation and there will be no refunds allowing KEP to request all the payment of the reservation.


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